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About PACS

Atlanta Based Entertainment Accountancy Company

Production Accounting and Crew Service (PACS) is an Atlanta based entertainment accountancy company, offering production accounting services to film, television, theater and live event productions.

For more than 15 years, our accountants have provided production accounting services to various projects throughout the country and overseas. Our team has worked with most major television and movie studios as well as several independent production companies and is uniquely suited to provide accounting expertise to fit every size budget.

PACS signature service is to provide clients with an all-inclusive package where our in-house staff of experienced accountants will manage your production's finances and maintain financial records during the entire television, live-event or filmmaking process from pre-production through post.

From the beginning, we will work closely with producers to help prepare an accurate budget and then manage the day-to-day accounting operations. In accordance with your company's needs, objectives and directives, PACS will also provide scheduled reports including a weekly Production Cost Report with Costs to Complete and Estimated Final Costs.

Companies who choose PACS as their production accounting partner will have the added benefit of a team of accountants who have been with the project from beginning to end. That means there won't be any costly transition time and accountants who are unaware of what transpired during the production process.

PACS accountants have experience with the following production companies

Warner Brothers Fox New Line Cinema Sony Pictures NBC Universal CBS MTV Entertainment BET Spelling

Client Testimonials

I am a makeup artist and wardrobe stylist and have been in the film industry for quite a few years. I have worn many more hats over the years in several production positions. WIFTA was presenting a class called ‘Managing a Script Like a Pro' that was being given by Cheryl Jenkins. My goal was to find out more about the business of film, in hopes of someday producing my own film.

The information presented in that one day class was so well organized and informative that I am now in the process of producing my first film. That was only six months ago.

At the time I took the class I was thinking that I would produce a film 'some day'. Thanks to PACS, when 'opportunity knocked' I was ready. Thank you PACS!

Charlene Perry

"It's no secret that it's tough for new, small productions to thrive in this economy, and a big part of making that happen is to have solid financial forecasting and accounting. And you need good systems and staff training in place.

Well, PACS has got you covered. PACS can set your company up and the employees who handle finances...just like the bigger players in the field who have enjoyed solid financial controls and up-to-the-minute information forever. You deserve it."

Gary Snoonian, Co-Executive Producer, Chelsea Lately

"If you want it done right with true efficiency, then you want the staff at PACS to manage your accounting and finance needs. Their production savvy and resourcefulness will give producers a leg up on any situation that may arise. In this ever changing marketplace it’s good to align yourself with a company whose experience, backbone and integrity can save you time and money.

Putting this in simple terms, make the right decision – choose PACS."

Theresa Moore-King, Line Producer, Sunday Best

“The accountants at PACS don't just sit back and do data entry; they work in true partnership with the Line Producer to ensure accurate cost reporting and financial forecasting. In addition, when no systems are in place, they will easily set up a plan that is clear and covers all the bases. If you want peace of mind, hiring PACS is the right decision.”

Anna Pousho, Supervising Producer, The Real Wedding Crashers

“My relationship with PACS is priceless. My project stayed on budget and and there were no surprises dealing with these professionals. Cheryl Jenkins' years of experience in network television mixed with her expertise in budgeting, cost reporting, dealing with bond companies, managing contracts of every description, working with producers, production managers and studio executives ensure a production is produced on time and on budget. PACS brings vast cross-over disciplinary skills and experience to a Production. The most valuable resource PACS provided me with was not just dependability and resourcefulness, but they took a personal interest in my production.”

Alex Orr, Production Supervisor, My Super Psycho Sweet 16

“I had the pleasure of working with PACS on a 10 episode reality show. The show proved to be very challenging financially as set construction, travel and episodic requirements demanded tremendous petty cash use. At no point was I concerned about PACS abilities to manage and to account for this flow. As expected, the cost reports were detailed and timely. The PACS staffers were a pleasure to have on set and I am very aware of the fact that we would have been dead in the water had it not been for the powerful accounting department.”

Dalia Edwards, EIC, 50 Cent: The Money and the Power