Intro. to Film & Television Accounting: Saturday, March 2

Introduction to Film & Television Accounting: Phase I

March 2, 2013


10 AM – 3PM

Location: Georgia State University, Classroom South


General Registration: $90

ATLFF365 & WIFTA Members: $75

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Attendees will learn the role and importance of all the positions in the accounting department- from Accounting Clerk to 2nd Assistant Accountant, 1st Assistant Accountant, Payroll Accountant & Key Accountant/Estimator.


Learn the day to day responsibilities of each position and how the records they process are used to present important financial information to producers and studio executives. After Phase I, you will be knowledgeable enough to know if the accounting department is right for you! Immediately following, Production Accounting and Crew Services (PACS) will offer Phase II of the accounting seminar where each participant will receive hands on training. Each person in attendance will walk away with enough knowledge and the skill set required to work for PACS in the accounting department on a film or television show. Please Note that attendance in the first seminar is mandatory for participation in phase two, “Film & Television Accounting Seminar: 102”.


Cheryl Jenkins

Cheryl Jenkins has been creating and managing production budgets for over 15 years as a production accountant and line producer.  Jenkins started her career in Hollywood working on projects for major studios like Fox, NBC/Universal, New Line Television and MTV on projects such as The Last Comic Standing, The Real Wedding Crashers and Family Foreman.  Here in Georgia, Jenkins, who is also owner of Production Accounting and Crew Services Int’l has been the go-to professional for notable productions like My Super Psycho Sweet 16, Gamers and Single Ladies.

Lisa Annitti

When it comes to film or television production, Lisa Annitti is a great source for help with watching your bottom line. That’s because of the career path she has followed on the financial side of the entertainment industry. In fact, Annitti has spent the past 13 years working her way through the ranks in the accounting department with production companies such as ABC, Sony, Fox and CBS. Lisa is currently the production accountant on the hit ABC show, “Revenge,” where she oversees the day-to-day budget and operations in the accounting department.

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