PACS Philosophy

Our philosophy is to employ and train accounting and finance professionals to meet our high standards of customer service and productivity. Our accountants have studied business, accounting, finance and/or film, and bring a passion for the business of production.

With PACS, you get competent, ethical professionals you can trust who are committed to your entertainment project and excel at every task.

Phase I: “Film & Television Accounting Seminar: 101”.

As you probably know, Georgia is the number three state for film and television productions. Our state‚Äôs lucrative tax incentive program has made this an exciting time for those in the entertainment industry. In order to meet the demands of the burgeoning Southeast, Production Accounting and Crew Services Int’l will offer a preparatory seminar that will introduce job opportunities in production accounting.

During Phase I of this monumental seminar, attendees will learn the role and the importance of all the positions in the accounting department. Attendees will also learn the day to day responsibilities of each position and how the records they process are used to present important financial information to producers and studio executives. After Phase I, you will be knowledgeable enough to know if the accounting department is right for you!

Phase II: “Film & Television Accounting Seminar: 102”

Through lectures and hands on training, Phase II * will provide a more in depth study of production accounting. Each person in attendance will walk away with enough knowledge and the skill set required to begin working for PACS in the accounting department on a film or television show. Phase II will be broken into two parts that can be taken either together or individually. In Part 1, we will cover the daily responsibilities of a clerk or 2nd assistant accountant. In Part 2, you will learn the duties of a payroll accountant. In this class, you will learn how to process both non-union and union payroll.

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