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Why Pacs

We keep our eye on the money so you can focus on the production!

Production accountants are key players of any television, film or live-event production. At PACS, we are a team of skilled, highly-trained and responsible accounting professionals dedicated to ensuring your project's financial success. We bring industry-standards in production accounting to every client, as well as years of seasoned experience in the entertainment industry.

Our team is capable of working seamlessly with yours when it comes to managing and maintaining all of the fiscal affairs of your project. From pre-production to post-production, PACS can work with producers to establish budgets, make sure you pass all of your audits, including IRS, union, and labor relations; and ensure that all of your financial records are intact, including receipts and agreements.

When it comes to finances, you not only need expertise, you need people you can trust. Production accountants are responsible for controlling cash flow and making sure payments are timely and in accordance with established budgets, studio and union rules, and government guidelines. We manage the paperwork, purchase orders, petty cash, and accounts payable; and make sure the production is meeting its financial deadlines. You can trust PACS to meet and exceed the fiduciary expectations of your project.